NZ4WD Magazine 2021

NZ4WD Magazine 2021


MAC Ute Accessories – popular with Kiwis

With the heaviest duty hardlid available on the NZ market, Hamilton company Mac Ute Accessories’ MAC300 300kg load-rated lid stands out as a clear favourite for a lot of Kiwi ute owners.

With its patent pending design, flexibility for use to suit everyone from tradespeople to the family ute user, the MAC300 is a clear winner when it comes to its sleek design, robust 4 mm alloy chequer plate hardlid, stainless steel mounting system and black powder coat finish.

Having charged their way into the Ute accessory market in less than five years of trading, MAC Ute Accessories has established preferred supply agreements with most major vehicle manufacturers, giving buyers that additional reassurance about the quality of the product they are purchasing.

MAC Ute Accessories have also been first to market with hardlid options for a range of new utes including their latest release for the Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

MAC300 hardlid

In addition to their MAC300 hardlid, they also have their MAC100, MAC230F and MAC230FR hardlid ranges which have standard features including track systems and removable and relocatable tie down points.

All their hardlids are central locking compatible and work in conjunction with their ingenious stainless steel MACGAP brackets which allow the hardlid to be kept in an open position from 100 – 150mm. Their philosophy is to keep things as uncomplicated as possible so customers can have a high-quality product in as short a time frame as possible.