MAC Utes VS Other brands

Questions we are sometimes asked are “Why should I choose a MAC Utes Lid” and “What is different about a MAC Utes lid compared to other brands in the market”? We understand that a hard lid is a significant investment and like any investment people like to do their homework and weigh up risk and reward before making their decision. It is easy for us to give honest and straight forward answers to these types of questions, and we are only too happy to provide you with as much information you need to help you make an informed choice.

MAC Utes hard lids are an industry leading premium product, we have taken great care and consideration in the design and development of all of our hard lids right from the beginning to ensure that all materials and components used to manufacture are of the highest standard comparative to other brands, this ensures from day one that your hard lid will stand the test of time, add value to your vehicle and provide you with a hassle-free experience so that you can just keep on doing what you need to without issues.

Supporting NZ Businesses

We source all of our materials and components to manufacture (except for our hard lid handles) from right here in New Zealand, we don’t direct import parts offshore to save money, cut out the middleman and compromise on quality. We are big supporters of NZ business, by keeping our purchasing within our own shores we feel like we are doing our part to support other NZ businesses. We are 100% NZ owned and operated with a team of long-term dedicated staff from varying backgrounds like Fitting, welding and fabrication, Design Engineering, 12+ years of sales and marketing specifically in the automotive accessory market, auto accessory installation, and workshop experience. We are all passionate about what we do and the roles we play, and we believe that shows in the quality of the end product.

Our Hard lids are in stock

Another key and important difference is that we manufacture our hard lids for stock, we don’t make to order which means lead times to supply. We are able to do this because all the key and popular features that are add on items at extra cost with other brands, are actually included in our hard lids as standard features and allows us to supply straight off the shelf.

MAC Utes hard lids are the toughest and highest load rated hard lids in the market because our hard lids are the only ones manufactured from 4mm alloy chequer plate and stainless-steel mounting brackets, fixtures, and fittings. Other brands are 3mm or less with a mixture of stainless, galvanised and zinc coated components. When comparing apples with apples – there really isn’t any comparison to a MAC Utes hard lid. “We build things tough” is our company slogan because that’s exactly what we do.

Answers to other commonly asked questions can be found in our FAQ section


Hard wearing Black Powder coat as standard finish – no extra cost Yes Yes
Manufactured with 4mm Alloy chequer plate Yes Yes
Stainless Steel wellside mounting system Yes Yes
Stainless Steel fixtures and fittings Yes Yes
Easy to remove and refit Yes Yes
Manufacture for stock Yes Yes
Additional security to prevent tailgate from being opened when lid closed Yes Yes
300kg load rating (MAC300 hard lids) with patent pending design Yes Yes
Hand sanded sleek design with smooth outer edges Yes Yes
Integrated heavy duty rails, not bolted, riveted, or welded on (MAC300 hard lids) Yes Yes
Eight integrated tie down points (MAC300 hard lids) Yes Yes
Low profile tracks with four removable and relocatable tie down points (MAC100 / MAC230F / MAC230FR Hard lids) Yes Yes
40+ Hard lid models to fit 25+ Ute models Yes Yes
MACGAP bracket compatible Yes Yes
Weather Resistant Yes Yes
Single Centralised Handle Yes Yes
Central Locking compatible Yes Yes
Rubber capping to hide raw edge of hard lid (Fades, becomes brittle, rusts and easily damaged) Yes Yes
Made to order (Lead time to supply) Yes Yes
Plastic components that can fade or become brittle over time Yes Yes