Comprehensive Guides

Welcome to Macutes, New Zealand's leading provider of ute hard lids and accessories. Our expertly crafted guide series is designed to offer you in-depth knowledge and insights into enhancing your ute's functionality, security, and style. Whether you're a professional looking for durable solutions or an enthusiast aiming to customise your vehicle, our guides are tailored to help you make informed decisions. Explore our range of guides and discover how Macutes can transform your ute into a versatile, secure, and stylish companion.

Maximising Your Utes Potential with Hard Lids: A Practical Guide

Learn how to leverage hard lids to enhance your ute's utility, aesthetics, and cargo security.


Choosing the Right Material for Your Ute Hard Lid: A Comprehensive Analysis

Compare materials for ute hard lids, including their benefits and suitability for different uses and conditions.


Integrating Hard Lids with Ute Canopies: A Seamless Solution

Explore how to combine hard lids with canopies for ultimate protection, space utilisation, and aesthetic harmony.



Our hard lids have been designed to be useful for multiple applications, manufactured with high quality 4mm Aluminium chequer plate and stainless steel components, they suit a wide range of customers, be it on the family Ute or your Trade vehicle, there is a MAC Ute Lid and accessories to suit everyone.