Why Buy a MAC Utes Hardlid?

MAC Ute Hardlids

MAC Ute Hardlids are the market leader for design, function, versatility, and reliability. “We build things tough” is our company slogan because that is how our lids have been designed and built – Tough!

With a smooth hand sanded clean edge, no plastics, corrosion or rust prone components, no rubber capping or any other materials used in the finish of our product which can deteriorate over time, there really is no comparison to a MAC Ute Hardlid Lid. Manufactured from heavy duty 4mm alloy chequer plate and stainless steel, finished in a durable Oasis black powder coat, our lids are built to last!

When you’re purchasing a premium vehicle, you want to have premium accessories fitted that give you peace of mind, are functional, hassle free and do everything they are supposed to. If you’re investing in a new Ute, you want any accessory you fit to it to be of similar quality to the vehicle itself as well as doing its job and adding value. We offer a range of tough, lockable, weatherproof, Hardlids load-rated at 200 or 300kgs to suit most current model Utes.

We manufacture our hard lids in our Hamilton factory to hold in our stock to eliminate long lead times and we can usually supply you straight from our stock off the shelf! We have chosen all the best features and functions and made them standard features of our hardlids, so you don’t have to wait for a hardlid to be custom made to order. All of our hardlids have a tie down capacity with a minimum of four tie down points and are powder coated black as the standard finish, these are not additional costs!

It doesn’t matter what you want to carry

from bicycles to ski’s, fishing rods or surf and snow boards


We also have a clever little accessory to help you out if you have something you would like to stow but is a bit too long for the ute tray, our MACGAP bracket kits. MACGAP is a special extendable hinge which allows you to lock the Hard Lid as per normal but with a 100, 150mm or 200mm gap at the tailgate – perfect for items like surf boards, fishing rods or timber, or if your dog is too big, boisterous or smelly to travel in the cab with you!

By purchasing a MAC Utes Hardlid you are supporting a 100% New Zealand owned and operated business that prides itself on also supporting NZ businesses, 99% of our component suppliers are based right here in New Zealand as well!