MAC300 (GW24) 24+ GWM Cannon Alpha

MAC300 (GW24) 24+ GWM Cannon Alpha

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2024+ GWM Cannon Alpha (GW24) – Double Cab

MAC300 Hardlid - The TOUGHEST lid in town!

Transform your Ute’s deck tray into a weather resistant work bench capable of holding 300kg. Manufactured with 4mm alloy chequer plate and Stainless steel, the MAC300 Lid is built for strength, durability and style. The innovative cantilever heavy duty stainless steel hinge system allows the lid to be opened and closed with ease and able to be removed and refitted easily for the times you need an open wellside. The hand sanded and smooth-edged finish gives the hard lid a sleek and unencumbered look. 

3 Year Warranty

Australian Patent No: 2018201365 / NZ Patent Pending